Welcome to the launch of the Speak Dicely podcast! Teni Brant is joined by Christy Clow, Josh Vardy and Melanie Burton-Vardy to talk about their first...View Details

On this episode of the Speak Dicely podcast, Teni is joined by Anthony Saul and Christy Clow to talk about roleplaying in Dungeons and Dragons. They a...View Details

Teni is joined by Logan Cracknell (LCKraken), Matt Costin and Niki Degoey to talk about their first time experiences being a Dungeon Master! We hear d...View Details

We're back at it again, talking about Roleplay in ttrpgs! Teni is joined by actors Jesse Beam, Dallis Mackenzie, and Ryan Worthing to get their perspe...View Details

Teni is joined by Michael Piscitelli, and returning guests Dallis Mackenzie and Matt Costin to discuss character relationships! They discuss the diffe...View Details

How do you prepare yourself to play in a D&D game? What should a group talk about in order to make the basis for a good story and setting? What ki...View Details

Our guests from the previous episode return to talk about how they prepare their characters for a long-term campaign! How can your characters fit into...View Details

In a twist of the usual formula, our guest Jonnathan has come to the podcast with questions about how to prepare to run his own Dungeons and Dragons c...View Details

Improvisation can be a block for many people trying to get into tabletop roleplaying games. Many people think you have to be good at improvisation to ...View Details

If you're looking to bring your tabletop experience to a whole new level, learning to stay in character is something that players should learn how to ...View Details

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