Thank you to everyone who has been listening to the Speak Dicely podcast. After having run this podcast for a year, I've determined that it's time tha...View Details

Sometimes we have to make changes to D&D monsters to make them strong enough to be a challenge for our players. One of those methods is to give th...View Details

On this episode of the Speak Dicely podcast, Teni is joined by Folkard from the channel "Lutes & Dice". Together, they talk about travelling, what...View Details

We all know about the typical low level monsters you'll encounter in D&D. It's hard to imagine that a player has never encountered a Goblin or Kob...View Details

The Ranger is (at least judged by the community) the most mechanically neglected class in the Player's Handbook. Thanks to the release of Tasha's Caul...View Details

One of the mechanics in D&D that offers a lot of character customizability is Feats. They allow you to strengthen a character's attacks, defenses,...View Details

Sometimes in TTRPGs, there might be a rule that is left vague so as to let the Game Master develop mechanics for certain things, or just hand wave the...View Details

Teni is joined by Fred from "How to D&D", Mark from "Dungeon Class", and Folkard from "Lutes & Dice" to talk about items that they keep behind...View Details

Over the many editions of D&D, Paladins have been viewed as an overbearing personality on many adventuring parties. This is mostly due to their pa...View Details

Teni is joined by some new voices to the podcast to have a Round Table discussion between Dungeon Masters! These podcast episodes will be shorter than...View Details

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